Service Level Agreement

Laste Updated: 28/04/2019

Internet Connectivity

Powerful Box Guarantees internet connectivity 99.95% of the time for your servers and services, this does not include scheduled maintenance works which clients will be informed about in advance.


We constantly monitor your servers & services and let you know if we detect even the slightest sign of a defect. In the event of failure, a technician on site in the data centre will then take charge of it and will launch the diagnostic. We keep you informed and you will receive an update of the incident when we start working on the server. As soon as the issue has been resolved, you will be sent a detailed comprehensive report.
We guarantee you a maximum intervention time of 1 hour from detection of a Level 1 incident, and a repair time of 3 hours. Powerful Box servers include RAID (Soft or Hard) technology. This redundancy guarantees that they will run without interruption and with maximum availability. In the event of a disk failure, a second disk will take over immediately.

Support Times

Powerful Box support you via our ticketing system 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we also support you via live chat from 9AM to 4PM GMT time Monday to Saturday. We aim to respond to all support tickets within 40 minutes, however guarantee all tickets answered within 4 hours.
Responding to Live Chat requests may very depending on how busy it gets. Powerful Box services is a self-managed hosting provider, therefore only provide support for your service if its unavailable or unstable, managed options are available.

Refunds associated with the SLA

You can claim for refunds if Powerful Box fall short from our Service Level agreement, you can claim 5% off your invoice per every 20 minutes your services are unavailable within our SLA up to 100% off the full cost of your invoice.

Refunds on missing our support targets will be at Powerful Box discretion due to some requests may take longer within the SLA target.


This only applies if your service comes included with a backup provision or you have purchased a backup solution with your service from us. All backups are kept from a different location from our datacentre and have RAID1 redundancy to ensure security and protection of your backups.

You be able to restore your backup anytime from our control panel, we can also give you FTP access to your backup by requesting it via a support ticket.

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